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Wet n Wild Orlando
The Best Water Park in Town!

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Wet n Wild Orlando is often voted the best water park in Florida! This is your guide to the slides, rides and activities available at this top Florida water park.

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Wet and Wild Orlando has a whole host of things to do, whether you're into thrill slides or not. Wet n Wild water park has whole areas devoted to kids' slides and activities. There's also a large wave pool, a lazy river and plenty of areas to chill out. 

Located right off International Drive, Wet n Wild is close to Sea World and many other nearby attractions and hotels. Many Florida water parks open throughout the year, with the summer season being the busiest time to go. Often in winter some slides may be closed for renovation. Exact opening info and please see Wet n Wild's opening times.

Wet N Wild Orlando: Thrill Slides

Der Stuka, Bomb Bay & Brain Wash are pictured here, you can see Brain Wash as the new black and white slide, Bomb Bay on the left and Der Stuka on the right. Both Bomb Bay and Der Stuka are nearly vertical drop water slides over six storys high - 76ft is the vertical drop, then the remainder of the slide continues for 115ft into the landing pool.

Der Stuka & Blue Niagra at Wet N Wild Orlando
Der Stuka & Blue Niagra at Wet N Wild Orlando

Photo right courtesy of Tps58 at Flickr

The difference between Bomb Bay and Der Stuka is that in Bomb Bay you enter a capsule standing up, the door closes and then at some unknown point, the floor is dropped from under your feet and you drop straight down the slide! With Der Stuka you have to sit on the edge of the slide and launch yourself over the edge - I'm not sure which is worse!

No More Blue Niagara! From the picture above, Blue Niagara appears to have been replaced by the new Brain Wash slide!

TOP TIP You Can watch friends and complete strangers entering the Bomb Bay capsule on a video camera located at the landing pool area underneath the canopy. Its very amusing watching people inside the capsule - sometimes chickening out altogether! See for yourself in this video of Bomb Bay.

Wet N Wild Orlando: Kids Slides

Bubble Up at Wet N Wild Orlando

Pictured here, Bubble Up is a huge inflated bubble which kids can pull themselves up and then slide down into three feet of water. Also in this area are many other kid friendly versions of the bigger rides, including a giant bucket of water that gradually fills up and tips over everyone beneath!

Slides For All The Family at Wet N Wild Orlando

Brain Wash - This new slide in Wet N Wild Orlando was launched in June 2007 This new slide is a 2 or 4 person tube ride filled with music flashing lights and video. The slide begins with a 53ft drop then you'll swish from side to side before emerging into a landing pool.

Wet and Wild Orlando, brain wash

Photo courtesy of Tps58 at Flickr.

Wet and Wild Orlando, brain wash

Photo courtesy of Tps58 at Flickr.

The Storm Another great thrill slide! Here you launch down a steep slide a drop into a giant bowl of rushing water. You're lying down flat as you spin around and around the bowl until finally dropping through the bottom into a plunge pool. (It's likened to being in a giant toilet bowl!) 

Mach Five is a flume ride where you can choose from three different slides. Each one has a different path. You grab a mat at the bottom of the ride - you have to take use a mat to go on this. Once you get to the top you choose which slide you want to try - you can even go head first! This is one of a number of more gentle flume rides at Wet n Wild, Orlando. Look out for Disco H2O and The Black Hole, which are multi-person slides similar to Mach Five.

Wet and Wild Orlando, Mach 5

Bubba Tub is a firm family favorite allowing up to four people to ride together in a raft down a long three drop slide. From the ground this looks like its pretty tame - well it is compared to the vertical drop slides! Bubba Tub's drops are bigger and steeper than they appear! And the slide is quite fast. The only downside are the long wait times and the shortness of the ride.

Wet and Wild Orlando, bubba tub

Even More Activities!

Wet n Wild Orlando also has many activities such knee boarding, water skiing and wake boarding which take place on a large lake within the park. There may be extra charges for some these activities.

Wet and Wild Orlando, water skiing

Wet N Wild Map, Location, Address

Wet and Wild Address:
6200 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819

Telephone: (800) 992-WILD OR (407) 351-1800

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Wet N Wild FAQs

How much is parking?

$13 for cars, motorcycles. $17 for RVs, campers.

Do we need to bring towels? 

Yes, if you don't want to pay to rent towels. Bring your own if you can and store them in a locker. Towel rentals are $4 per towel with a $3 deposit.

What should we wear?

Allowed clothing includes: water shoes (except on single passenger rides), t-shirts (except on single passenger rides), bathing suits, board shorts, cut-off denims (but no clothing with metal buckles or rivets can be worn).

Do we need to rent tubes?

No, all tubes for the slides are provided for FREE at each slide.

How much are lockers?

Small lockers $5.99 + tax. Medium $8.99 + tax. Large $10.99 + tax. Plus $3.00 refundable deposit.

Can we rent life vests?

No need! Life vests are provided FREE of charge.

Can we bring our own food and drink?

Yes, coolers and food and drinks are allowed. No glass containers, grills or alcohol is allowed.

What are the height requirements?

Brain Wash 48"
Disco H2O 36"-48" with an adult
The Blast 36"-48" with an adult
The Storm 48"
The Flyer 48" with an adult
Mach 5 no minimum height
The Surge 36"-48" with an adult
Bubba Tub 36"-48" with an adult
Black Hole, Bomb Bay & Der Stuka 48"

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