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Weather in Orlando &
Orlando Weather Forecast

Orlando Weather Forecast

The weather in Orlando is one of the reasons that make a trip to the Sunshine State that much more enjoyable.

There are two seasons here; summer is hot and humid and winter is cooler and dry.

Check the Orlando weather radar and the 15 day forecast on the weather window below.

Averages Temperatures for Orlando

High 72F
Low 50F

High 73F
Low 51F

High 77F
Low 55F

High 83F
Low 61F

High 88F
Low 67F

High 91F
Low 73F

High 93F
Low 75F

High 93F
Low 73F

High 89F
Low 72F

High 84F
Low 65F

High 77F
Low 56F

High 73F
Low 51F

Weather in Orlando: Winter Season

The winter season runs approximately from November to April. It is by far the driest season and has the most pleasant temperatures. This is why the winter is such a popular time to visit.

Daytime temperatures: 65F(18C) to 75F(24C)

Night time temperatures: 55F(13C) and sometimes much lower, occasionally dropping into the 30s(0C-5C)

You'll find the winter a wonderful time to visit Orlando with plenty of sunshine and rain-free days. A testament to the great weather here is the fact that the water parks stay open all year-round! There will probably be a few days where a light jacket will be required and it's too cold to be in a water park, but on the whole, it will be pleasant enough for an escape from winter elsewhere!

Weather in Orlando: Summer Season

Now, this is where the weather gets exciting! Summer season runs approximately from May to October. It will be consistently hot and humid, so don't expect anything less!

Daytime temperatures: 85F(29C) to 95F(35C)

Nightime temperatures: 75F(24C)

Summer days are characterized by a very warm sunny start, by mid-afternoon the temperature will have soared to around 90F, and the humidity will be building. This will be typically broken by an intense afternoon thunderstorm. Some storms can be quite loud and with lots of lightning strikes. Fortunately, they are over within a couple of hours at the most. During the storms a lot of rainfall occurs so be prepared by bringing an umbrella or waterproof clothing, even if the day starts out sunny and cloud-free!

After all afternoon rains, summer evenings and nights are wonderful! Although, the rains do not necessarily clear the air from humidity, you're still free to enjoy the evening outdoors.

Top Tip Never under estimate the power of the Florida sun. Even if you tan easily without burning, you will get burnt here without sun protection. The UV index is often at 'extreme' levels (9-10) and can cause painful sunburn that you may not realise the full extent of until later on that day. Think ahead - you're probably going to be spending a whole day walking around a theme park or water park exposed to the sun's rays, so be sure to protect yourself so that you can enjoy your vacation!

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