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Sky Diving Orlando
I-Fly Orlando Indoor Flight Simulator

I Fly Orlando wind tunnel is great if you’ve ever wanted to try sky diving in Orlando, but don’t think you could go through with a real plane jump, or just try it for fun! Perhaps you’ve never jumped in your life, maybe you’re keen to try it, you may have done a jump before and want to try sky diving in Orlando? If so, this is the place to go.

The I Fly Orlando wind tunnel is a realistic sky diving simulator that is the perfect warm-up to a real sky dive. You can experience flying on a 125mph rush of air without actually having to jump out of a plane! The wind tunnel is so realistic that even professional skydivers use it for their training sessions.

Video from inside the wind tunnel

This is a great way to experience skydiving at a fraction of the cost of a real jump. You can fly in the wind tunnel for 2x one minute sessions – which is about twice the amount of time you would get doing a jump from a plane.

A tandem jump from a plane (that’s where you’re strapped to a skydiving instructor) will cost around $180 per person.

At I Fly Orlando you can fly for around $45 per person. The cost difference is huge. This is a great alternative if you’re nervous about doing a plane jump!

Your indoor skydive will begin with a full training and safety briefing with other flyers from one of the friendly instructors. They will tell you about the different body positions you can do once you’re in flight. You’ll also learn the correct hand signals to use to communicate with the instructors. Then you’ll be taken to the observation level. This is where you can see the wind tunnel working before you begin your flight. (The observation deck is also free to the public too – so you can even have a look before you make reservations!)

Once all your training is complete, you’ll be given all the equipment you’ll need including safety helmet and flight suit that fits over your clothes. Then it’s time to take flight! You’ll take turns with the other people in you class to do 2x one minute flights. There will be instructors present in the tunnel with you for the duration of your flight. You can even buy a DVD recording of your experience!

I Fly Orlando

6805 Visitor Circle
Orlando, FL 32819
Exit 75 A off I-4 (across from Wet & Wild)

Sunday - Thursday: 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday - Saturday: 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Reservations recommended - call 1-407-903-1150 or 1-800-759-3861


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