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Sky Diving in Orlando, Florida

Sky Diving Orlando, Sky Diving Florida

Sky diving in Orlando is a great opportunity to try something truly exhilarating!

Jumping from a plane from 13,000ft…..

what could be more thrilling than that?!

Perhaps you’ve never jumped in your life, maybe you’re keen to try it, you may have done a jump before and want to sky dive while you’re in Orlando?

Where to begin?

The easiest way to get in the air is to do a tandem skydive at a sky diving training center. This is where you are harness to a professional instructor throughout the dive. You can even pull the ripcord if you like, or just smile and enjoy the whole experience!

The Florida Skydiving Center at Lake Wales offers first time tandem sky dives for $199 per person including all necessary equipment and training on the day. The center is located about 50 miles south-west of Orlando.

All you need to begin is to book the course in advance, and bring along some sports shoes to wear. The skydiving jump suit will fit over your clothes. There is a requirement that you’re over 18 years old and weigh less than 230lbs to participate.


A tandem dive costs $199 per person, you can do a second dive the same day for an additional $150.

Students, military personal and Disney cast members $179.

If you are part of a group wishing to sky dive, there are special group rates available.

For groups of 5-9 people: $179 per person
For groups of 10-20 people: $169 per person

Sky Diving in Orlando: Beyond the Basics

If you've done a tandem dive and are keen to do more, then you’ll need to complete the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course and get your certification. Then you’ll be able to dive on your own or in groups!

Sky Diving Orlando

The AFF course is in seven stages and can be completed at your own pace. Although it’s recommended that you complete at least one stage per month so that you don’t lose momentum!

Each stage increases in the level of parachute control required, types of turns, landings and free fall you’ll be required to demonstrate.

You pay for each level as you get to it and the cost is inclusive of all tuition, learning materials and diving equipment. All seven stages will cost approximately $1,225 in total.

Useful Information

Reviews of Florida Skydiving Center (Opens in new window).

Florida Skydiving Center

440 South Airport Road
Lake Wales, Fl 33859

Phone: 863-678-1003
Email: info@FloridaSkydiving.com

Florida Skydiving Center Website and 10% money off coupon (Opens in new window).

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