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The Best Sea World Shows

Welcome to the Sea World shows page. All shows at Sea World are included in your admission price.

Simply pick up a show guide at the park entrance to see when shows are scheduled. You'll find descriptions and pictures of:-

- Blue Horizons
- Pets Ahoy

For information and pictures for the Shamu killer whale shows please click here.

Blue Horizons

This takes place in the Whale & Dolphin Theater. Its an extravagant performance in which the sea meets the sky. The sets used are a series of huge frothy waves that cascade down and around the sides of the main pool area and stage.

The show itself is another Cirque Du Soleil-esque event with trapeze artists, acrobats and divers who jump from the very top levels of the set into the pool below.

Blue Horizon at Sea World Orlando Florida

Dolphins are the marine stars of this show as well as an array of exotic macaws and Andean condors that fly back and forth across the stadium.

Again, there is a corny element to the show, which is the storyline narrated to the audience at the beginning of the performance. Its about a woman who ventures, dream-like, to a point where the sea meets the sky. Once there she aspires to meet with the animal and bird spirits. As you may have guessed, its pretty cheesy and irrelevant, really.

The best parts are the high-wire acrobatics and diving together with the dolphins jumping and birds flying all at once! The music was performed by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

Blue Horizon at Sea World Orlando Florida

Sea World Shows: Pets Ahoy

Many of the SeaWorld animals here have been adopted from local animal shelters or rescue facilities. The stage is set indoors and is made to look like an Atlantic coast beach front, complete with colorful wooden houses, a lighthouse and even a radio station. There are cats, dogs, rats, ducks, a skunk and a pig. You'll see cats slinking their way across high wires from one side of the room to the other.

Then there's a sequence in which all the animals and birds dash about the stage. Dogs go into a door, only to flush out a few cats, who then run into a hut and a skunk comes out and so on. Its really quite clever how its all put together. There's a particularly comical moment where a dog turns the handle of a vending machine that reads "Hot Dogs for Sale", and the machine cranks out lots of little wiener dogs!

At the end of the show the dogs and their trainers welcome audience members down to the front to meet the stars of the show. You will get the chance to pet the some of animals. If you have small children this is definitely worth seeing!

***There's so much to see at Sea World Florida, don't miss the Kraken & Journey to Atlantis and the fascinating wildlife exhibits.***

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