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Kraken and Manta are Top SeaWorld Rides!

Sea World rides not to miss! There are two amazing roller coasters here - The Kraken and Manta. The Manta is a brand new ride that opened in May 2009. More Sea World rides include Journey to Atlantis which is a log flume ride and Wild Arctic which is a flight simulator ride.

Manta at SeaWorldManta Ride - The Flying Roller Coaster

Manta Flying Coaster New for 2009!

This awesome new roller coaster is designed on a giant Manta Ray.

Riders are strapped to the belly of the Manta and ride around the track face down in a horizontal position - almost like being in flight!

Swiss coaster design company, Bolliger & Mabillard designed the Manta. This ride is unique in that riders will be head first down the inversions, drops and loops.

Sea World Rides: Manta Ride Facts

  • Riders face down, 4 people across
  • 140ft starting lift,
  • 114ft drop at 56mph
  • Pretzel loop
  • 98ft dive loop face down at 3Gs,
  • Spiral helix
  • 4 inversions
  • Ride time 2 mins 35 seconds
  • Riders come within 4 inches of the water, triggering a wave of water to gush out on to passers by.
  • Minimum height to ride is 4ft 4ins.

Video of SeaWorld Manta in Action!

Want to know what the Manta roller coaster is like? Watch this video of the whole ride. Not a computer simulated verison - the real thing!

Sea World Rides: Kraken

Kraken is named after a mythical sea monster, feared by sailors. It is shaped just like a serpent, with a green and turquoise track that twists, loops and spirals to heights of 149ft (that's 15 storeys high!)

***This is the highest, longest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando! It's here at Sea World Florida!!*** 

Sea World Rides Kraken Rollercoaster Entrance

Kraken's design is truley unique amongst the 'extreme' roller coasters of the world.

Riders sit four across on seats like pedestals, there is no floor beneath your feet and no structure above your head, just the sky.

There's just a seat to sit on and a shoulder rest to cling to!

The ride begins with a painfully slow 'chug, chug, chug' up the steep track to a top height of 149ft as shown in the photograph right. (Hey, while you're up there, get a good view of the park while you can!)

From here the carriages gently teaters over the brim, making you more nervous with every second. Then the ride begins!

You coaster down from the top of the track at 65mph. During the ride you'll do 7 upside down loops and plunge underground three times! One unexpected plunge will take you into Kraken's lair, through a tunnel and will send water splashing out all over passers by! A good portion of this 4,000ft long ride takes you over water.

Sea World Rides Kraken rollercoaster
Sea World Rides Kraken rollercoaster

This Sea World ride is awesome! Its a roller coaster that goes really fast at several G's of force, yet the ride experience is smooth. You dont get jolted and jarred around like on some of the older roller coasters. The other great thing about it is the ride time. At a full two minutes running time it doesn't feel like its all over too quickly. 

Kraken Facts:

Length: 4,177ft

Speed: 65mph

Duration: 2:02 mins

Height restrictions: Must be 54"+ tall to ride

Opened: 6th June 2000

Sea World Rides: Journey to Atlantis

This is the tamer of the two Sea World rides. Well, compared to Kraken most rides are! Journey to Atlantis is modelled after the mythical lost city of ancient Greece. The structure alone is 10 storeys high and is beautifully decorated with intricate moziacs, pillars and art work.

Sea World Rides - Journey to Atlantis
Sea World Rides - Journey to Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis is probably the best water log-flume ride of its kind. It has the steepest and highest drop at 55 degress and 60 feet high! This is part log flume ride, part roller coaster and part adventure ride. And as you can see from the outside, your going to get very very wet!

The story behind this ride is that the mysterious lost city of Atlantis has risen from the sea and you are going to explore it. The journey begins in a fishing village where a fisherman gives you a golden sea horse to protect you from the evil Siren, Allura who wants to lure you to your doom! The golden sea horse it actually Hermes, the messenger God in disguise.

Then the ride begins as you make your way through the inside of the city. Most of the ride is in near total darkness. You'll see some great holographic illusions and light displays as the story plays out. Some young children may find this frightenning. There's plenty of twists, turns and dips during the ride but nothing all too intense! There are two drops in total, so these are the only 'scary' bits you'll encounter.

Journey to Atlantis Facts: 

Drop: 60ft

Duration: 6 mins

Height restrictions: Must be 42"+ tall to ride

Opened: 1998 

Sea World Rides: Wild Arctic Simulator

In this ride you are aboard a flight simulator as you make your way to the Wild Arctic research station. The ride begins with lift off in a helicopter that lauches you high in the air and flies over the frozen wilderness. Far below you'll see a herd of caribou, a polar bear family and some huskies pulling a sled.

SeaWorld Rides - Wild Arctic

Then the helicopter stops on the edge of a glacier, and, uh, oh no! It can't hold the helipcopter's weight! You end up falling off the edge of the glacier and then swooping through a ravene filled with jagged rocks. You nearly collide with falling blocks of ice. Now you're in the middle of an avalanche, the helicopter gets shaken and smashed, but you make it out in one piece!

It's a great introduction to the Wild Arctic exhibit where you'll see beluga whales, polar bears and walruses up close.

If you suffer from neck or back problems you might want to skip this ride, because it can get quite jolty in places.

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