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Orlando Taxis Guide

When visiting Orlando you need to know which Orlando taxis you can trust. Read on to find out:-

  • Why use a taxi in Orlando?
  • Which taxi companies to use? 
  • How much does a taxi cost? 
  • How can I avoid getting ripped off?

You'll find answers to all these questions as well as useful tips on how to save money on your Orlando vacation.

Orlando Taxis Guide

Why Use a Taxi in Orlando?

Save money on parking fees. Many Orlando hotels and theme parks charge for parking. Did you know that all the Orlando theme parks charge around $14 to park per visit? Many Orlando hotels will charge you a daily rate to park your car (usually $8-15) and if you use valet parking, staff will expect a tip too! 

Save time when visiting Disney World theme parks. If you are staying on Disney property, you can use the free transportation to the Disney theme parks and downtown Disney. These are usually free shuttle buses and sometimes monorail and water taxis. 

Your vacation time is precious. Which is why at busy times you and your family could be left waiting for the free Disney transportation services.  It is not uncommon at peak times to be waiting while 2 or 3 Disney buses pass by full to the rafters! 

Avoid Using Rental Cars. Rental cars are expensive. If you plan on visiting the main theme parks (like Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld) there are many hotels that provide free shuttles to these and many other Orlando attractions.

You can use a taxi to and from Orlando Airport and then use free shuttles to get to the different theme parks. You will save money on car rental, accident insurance and all those added extras that car rental companies like to charge.

If you are looking for a cheap Orlando hotel that provides shuttle services, please see our Cheap Orlando hotels guide 

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Which Orlando Taxi Companies to use?

There are a multitude of different taxi companies in Orlando. By far the largest taxi company in the city is Mears Transportation. Mears has 58% of the Orlando taxi market!  Their taxis and vans can be seen in a few different guises: Mears Transportation, Yellow Cabs, Checker, City Cabs and Safety Cabs.

Mears Transportation is Disney World's preferred taxi company.  It's a good idea to ask your hotel for their recommendations when ordering a taxi. Here are some Orlando taxi firms we recommend. All these Orlando taxis operate from Orlando International Airport.

Mears Transportation

Tel: 407-222-2222

Mears Transportation Website - includes a fare finder service for Orlando.

Quicksilver Taxis

Tel: 407-299-1434 or 1-888-468-6939

Quicksilver Services Website

Town & Country Transport 

Tel: 407-828-3035 

Town & Country Website 

Tiffany Towncars

Tel: 407-370-2196 

Tiffany Towncars Website

Diamond Cab Company

Tel: (407) 523-3333

Diamond Cab Co. Website 

It is advisable to NEVER hail a taxi off the street. There are many horror stories of people who have done this and have been ripped off.

How Much do Orlando Taxis Cost?

Orlando taxi fares can be researched ahead of time.  You can use a free service such as Taxi Fare Finder, where you can choose a 'to' and 'from' destination which can be a point of interest or an address. Taxi Fare Finder Orlando Website.  

Mears Transportation also has its own fare finder Mears Fare Finder Website.

The Orlando International Airport lists approximate fares from the airport to major Orlando area destinations, click here to see the latest Fares from Orlando Airport.

How much to tip taxi in Orlando - don't forget that in Orlando (and elsewhere in the US) it is customary to tip your taxi driver. The suggested amount is normally 15-20% of the fare. Use your own judgement here. If for example your driver helped you with 10 large suitcases and bags, then perhaps offer a better tip than a driver who left you to do all the lifting and loading.  

How Do I Avoid Getting Ripped Off?

Orlando is a major tourist hub - like any other major destination, there are scams and rip-offs to avoid. Fortunately for you, many of the major scams have already been widely reported and they are well-known about.

Tip #1 - Use reputable taxi companies - NEVER hail a cab off the street. Always call or have your hotel call ahead to arrange for a cab to collect you.

Tip #2 - Plan ahead and know your route - you may be visiting from out of town or even out of country and not have the slightest clue about the city layout. But it does pay to think ahead and familiarise yourself with Orlando's main areas and points of interest. We have a page about all the different Orlando neighbourhoods with Google maps to help you, please see our Map of Orlando page. Unscrupulous taxi drivers may take you the long way around and charge you much more than the fare is worth.

Tip #3 - Always use a taxi service with a meter. Taxis without meters are widely reported to be rip-offs. This is because you are at the mercy of the driver who may decide to inflate the fare upon your arrival.

Tip #4 - When calling for a taxi ask what the fare should be. Then when the driver arrives confirm the fare before getting in. Check with the company if the fare includes all tolls. If you feel you are being ripped off, tell the driver you will report him and the company to the Attorney General's Office and/or the Better Business Bureau. Ultimately, if you feel uneasy, do not get in, there are many other taxis around.

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