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Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Looking for Kennedy Space Center tickets and prices? We have put together this handy guide to the ticket options at Kennedy Space Center Florida.

You can buy tickets in advance which could save you money and help you skip the long lines at the gate!

Luckily, the ticketing options aren't too complex. You can buy Kennedy Space Center tickets that cover the main attractions. You can also purchase 'add-on' experiences which are additional to the regular ticket price.

KSC Regular Admission

Tickets include access to:-

  • IMAX Films 
  • Rocket Garden which showcases life-sized space rockets and shuttles
  • Visitors Center exhibits and interactive activities
  • U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame
  • Shuttle Launch Experience simulator

These tickets can be purchased direct from the Kennedy Space Center website.

Kennedy Space Center Discounts

Online Discounts

You can find Kennedy Space Center discounts online. There are number of online ticket brokers who sell genuine discounted Kennedy Space center tickets.

UnderCover Tourist currently have Kennedy Space Center tickets with $6.00 off the gate price. You can book online and have the tickets delivered to you at no extra cost. 

They are offering these discounted tickets with a second days admission free when used within 7 days of the first. 

Maximum Experience Tickets includes the following:-

  • IMAX Space Films
  • Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour
  • Apollo and Saturn V Center
  • U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame
  • Rocket Garden
  • Shuttle Launch Experience Attraction
  • 2nd Day Free Within a 7 Day Period

Save $6 Per Ticket - Compare Prices Now  (Scroll to the very bottom of the page for KSC discounts).

AAA Discounts

If you are an AAA Member you can save money on your Kennedy Space Center tickets!

AAA Auto Club South currently has the best discounts on both adult and child tickets. Discounts are approximately $4-5 off per person.

AAA tickets also allow you to return to KSC for a second visit within 7 days of the first. (Remember to get your ticket stamped as you leave on the first day).

AAA Auto Club South Tickets 

You must be an Auto Club South member to take advantage of this offer. If you live in Florida, Georgia, middle & west Tennessee and Puerto Rico you can get a free AAA Member Card.

You must be a AAA Auto Club South member to purchase tickets. You can register online or call 1-877-537-7283 .

All other AAA clubs have different savings depending on where you live. Visit the AAA website and type in your zip code to find out what special savings you could make. AAA Club Finder 

KSC Additional Ticket Options

Cape Canaveral Tour: Then & Now

This is a special in-depth tour of Cape Canaveral's most famous launch sites. You'll visit the launch site of the Gemini, Mercury and Apollo space programs of the 1960s. The tours takes in many of the old launch sites which made history at the beginning of America's space discovery program.

The tour includes the Launch Pad 34 of the fateful Apollo 1 and also the site of the first human launch into space.

Tours last approximately 2.5 hours. 

Tours buses are air conditioned. 

Tours leave twice per day at 11.40am and 12.50pm.

These tours are very popular, so make sure to book in advance! 

Cape Canaveral Then & Now Tour Tickets 

NASA Up Close Tour

This tour will give you a more in-depth look at NASA's space shuttle program with an expert guide. You be able to get the closest possible view of the launch pads used today. You will see the gigantic Vehicle Assembly Building where shuttles are made. If you've ever wondered where the astronauts and crews train and prepare for launch, you'll discover that on this tour too.

Tours run daily subject to NASA timetables! That means it's best to check ahead of time when tours are running. Tickets do sell out quick, so to avoid disappointment, book ahead for this tour.

NASA Up Close Tour Tickets 

Annual Passes: Commander's Club

An annual pass to Kennedy Space Center is not as expensive as you might imagine!

These Kennedy Space Center tickets are valid for 12 months from purchase and are only $10-12 more than regular one-day admission. 

Annual Pass holders get 10% off shop merchandise too.

KSC Annual Pass

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