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Hot Air Balloon Orlando 
Take to the Skies with Orlando Balloon Rides!

Orlando Balloon Rides can take you on a hot air balloon over Orlando. It's such a special and memorable experience that you must try!

What better way to explore the Orlando area than by gliding through the skies, smoothly and silently as you take in the views?

Orlando balloon rides offer excitement and adventure of a different kind, away from the crowds and busy resort areas. 

What to expect from your flight

Orlando Balloon Rides
  • A flight will usually begin at sunrise which can be anytime from 5.30am to 6.30am. Most balloon rides in Orlando start at this time because the warm air is still rising from the ground at that time and conditions are most favorable in the early morning.
  • You'll meet your pilot for a pre-flight briefing. This can be at any number of locations or 'launch sites' in the Disney/Orlando area. Then you'll be able to watch or (if you wish) assist the pilot with inflating the balloon (which can be quite noisy!).
  • The crew are very conscious of your safety and you'll be given a full briefing before you even set foot inside the basket - so there's nothing to be nervous about before you go.
  • Once you are flying you'll go in the direction of the wind and as swiftly or gently as the wind will take you. Each balloon ride will be different and take you in many different directions - it all depends on the weather conditions that day.
  • Upon landing, it's traditional to have a champagne toast to celebrate the trip and many times a complimentary breakfast buffet is provided at a near-by hotel. You'll receive a certificate as a souvenir of your adventure!

Which company to choose?

Orlando Balloon Rides

One of the Orlando's most reputable companies is a merger of Orange Blossom and Blue Water Balloons, now known simply as Orlando Balloon Rides. 

Their hot air balloon trips over Orlando last for approximately one hour (depending on weather conditions) and will ascend anywhere from tree-top height to a few thousand feet. 

Pilots will show you the sights of the Orlando area including cypress swamps, forests, lakes and city-scapes. 

You may see some of the Disney World parks and resorts, but you won't be able to fly directly over them. 

How much will it cost?

Prices for adults are around $175/person and kids under 6 go FREE! Some online discounts are available, so check their website regularly for these special offers. 

Undercover Tourist is an online discount ticket agency that we recommend you check prices. They often have up to $14 off each ticket and they will ship your tickets to you free of charge. Save $$$ off Orlando Balloon Rides at UnderCover Tourist  

Remember to book in advance to secure your preferred date and if possible be prepared to take the flight a day or two after the scheduled date in case your flight is postponed due to incumbent weather(!) 

Address: 44294 US Highway 27, Davenport, Florida 33897

Tel: +1 407-894-5040

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