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Gatorland Florida
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Gatorland Florida is a great place to visit for a family day out. It's so much cheaper than a visit to a theme park and it has a more relaxed atmosphere. If you enjoy seeing exotic wildlife, Gatorland is the place to go!

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Gatorland Florida: Tickets

Tickets at the gate:

Single Adult (13 years and older) day ticket: $23.30 (inc tax).

Single Child (ages 2-12) day ticket: $14.89 (inc tax).

Children under 2 years old go FREE.

Buying your tickets online will save you money!

Single Adult (13+) day ticket: $20.95 including tax.

Single Child (ages 2-12) day ticket: $13.95 inc luding tax.

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Adult Grunt Package: $31.99 per person, per day includes:

  • Unlimited Gatorland Express Train Ride,
  • Join the gator wrestlers on the floor of the famous Gator Wrestlin' Arena and sit on the back of an 8ft gator.
  • A package of gator food to feed the park alligators all day long.

Child Grunt Package: $24.99 - includes the same activities as the adult Grunt package.

Trainer for a day (up to 5 people): $125 per person - advanced reservations are required. 

Click here to make your reservations: Gatorland online tickets.

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Gatorland Florida: Shows & Attactions

Gator Jumparoo - this 15 minute outdoor show has Gatorland hosts feeding mammoth gators half-chickens by dangling the meat from a long chain.

The clanging of the chain and the smell of the meat brings the large gators swimming near. Soon they begin to jump upwards, launching themselves out of the water to grab their food. 

Gatorland Florida
Gatorland Florida

There is plenty of opportunity for a good action picture here. There are no seats for this show - but the best positions and views are either at the front row or along the sides.

Gator Wrestlin - Pretty self-explanatory, Gatorlands' hosts take to the arena and perform tricks and stunts to wow the crowds. 

The show begins with a wrangler knocking the resting gators from their platform into the water below. The the host asks for a volunteer (usually a child) to come down and choose the biggest gator for him to wrestle.

The show has good humor throughout and it's the signature show of the park. At the end of the show there's the chance to come down and see the gators up close, sit on their backs and have pictures taken and ask the wranglers questions.

Giant Gator Lake

Observe the giants of the reptile kingdom here. Stand and watch for a while and you will see all different kinds of gators and crocodiles. These cold blooded creatures are often seen basking in the Florida sun or cooling off in the lake. Some wading birds will sometimes hitch a ride on the backs of gators here! 

Alligator Breeding Marsh & Bird Sanctuary

This has become a big success at Gatorland Florida. Each year the park's gators come to lay eggs in April and May. You'll be able to view their nests surprisingly close to the walkways. After the eggs have been laid they are moved by staff to incubators to ensure that they hatch successfully. 

This marsh has around 30 males and up to 100 female gators. It is also home to over 30 different kinds of wading birds who choose to nest here. Species include herons, snowy egrets, wood stalks, cormorants, spoonbills, limpkins, osprey and anhinga . In nature, birds choose to nest above gator habitats for protection against land predators such as raccoons, possums, rats etc. Each year thousands of birds flock here to breed and to nest.

Observation Tower

The best views over Gatorland Orlando are from the Observation Tower - a 3 level obsrvation deck from which you can take in views from all the different gator habitats. Bring some binoculars!

Alligator Alley - Animal Exhibits

There's more to Gatorland Orlando than just gators. The bird sanctuary is home to many exotic breeds of birds, many of which you can feed and pet. Today Gatorland Florida has over 1,000 birds nests inside the preserve including great white herons, snowy egrets, cattle egrets, macaws, parakeets, lorikeets and flamingos. There are also deer, turtles and emus.

gatorland Florida Giant turtles
gatorland Florida - parrot
gatorland Florida - flamingos

Gatorland Florida: Address, Map & Directions

Gatorland Orlando Address

14501 S. Orange Blosson Tr.
Orlando, FL 32837

Tel: 407-855-5498 or 1-800-393-5297

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Gatorland Florida - FAQs

When does Gatorland open and what times are the shows?

Gatorland Orlando is open daily from 9am - 6pm all year round. 

There are gator wrestling shows throughout the day. If you miss one, don't worry many shows are repeated during the same day. Click here to view current show timetable: Gatorland show times.

Can I rent a stroller?

Yes, babies strollers/pushchairs can be rented for $7 (single) and $10 (double).

Is Gatorland Florida wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all areas of the park are wheelchar accessible, except the third level of the observation tower. You can rent a wheelchair for around $11/day. Electric scooters can also be hired for around $22/day. Some photo ID as a deposit.

Can I bring a cooler to the park?

Yes, you may bring a cooler or your own food to the park. There are plenty of nice places for a picnic lunch.

There are no glass containers or alcoholic drinks allowed inside the park.

How much is parking?

Parking at Gatorland is FREE!

When is the best time to visit?

The peak of the summer months (June, July and August) are more likely to be busy. Any US holiday will also be busy. View this theme park calendar to see when all the US holidays are and which days are best for visiting Gatorland.

Avoid the Lines/Queues

Also bear in mind that the best times to see alligators at their most active is in April and May. (Least active times for gators are in the winter - November, December and January). April and May is breeding season for gators and you may witness some mating behaviour.

Listen out for loud rumbeling bellows from large males. June is the time of year when eggs are laid in nests. In August and September young gators hatch from their eggs.

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