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Free Disney World Tickets

Can you get FREE Disney World tickets? Is it really possible to get free Disney tickets?! The answer is YES but it may not be easy.  A trip to one of the Disney World theme parks is never going to be cheap. It has become increasingly difficult to get any discounts on Disney tickets let alone get a free ticket.

If you know of any ways to get genuine free tickets, let us know here , otherwise all we can say is there is bad news and good news.....

Bad News - Disney used to offer free tickets for military members and guests with birthdays during their stay  - now these programs are sadly gone.

Good News - Free Disney World tickets are still possible to get. As with most things in life, you do not get something for nothing. The only way (aside from being a Disney employee) to get free Disney tickets is to attend a timeshare presentation that usually involves staying at least 2-3 nights at an Orlando or Kissimmee hotel.

Discount Disney World tickets - there are some ways of saving money on your Disney tickets. We will always recommend a reputable internet ticket broker with genuine discounted tickets. Read more about how to find the Cheapest Disney tickets here Disney theme park tickets guide.

Free Disney World Tickets for Timeshare Presentation and Tour

....Oh no! Not a timeshare! The thought of attending a timeshare presentation is daunting, but we can honestly say that it IS possible to get free tickets this way as we have done it ourselves.

A timeshare presentation will cost some money and time, however the complimentary theme park tickets will be worth it!

Here are two timeshare presentation options to consider:-

E-Tour & Travel - based in Orlando

  • You must book a hotel stay - usually at least 3 nights in an Orlando/Kissimmee area hotel that is within the Etour program.
  • You will only pay for the taxes and parking at your hotel after your stay is complete.
  • You will attend a timeshare presentation that is a one-on-one talk with an E-Tour rep (not a formal presentation).
  • The rep will go through a travel survey with you and ask about your likes and dislikes about vacationing. They will then discuss their timeshare program with you and take you to see one of the Orlando condos (on-site). The rep will then talk money with you and ask if you want to join. If you decline they may bring in another rep to offer you a better deal once you decline that (if you choose to) you will then receive your free Disney tickets valid for 1 day.
  • The presentation and timeshare talk was over within 2 hours when we did this in 2008. It only went over the 90 mins because we were making small talk with the reps who were very nice. None of the reps were pushy or intimidating.
  • Tickets can be used at any of the 4 Disney World theme parks OR Universal Studios theme park OR Universal Island of Adventure
  • There are multiple times when you can attend the timeshare talk. We were scheduled for 10am, on our way down I-4 we got a flat tire! We called ahead to the office and they re-scheduled us for a later time which was nice of them.
  • When we did this timeshare deal we stayed 3 nights at the Sheraton Downtown Orlando. Since then the properties offered in this program may have changed. You can read our review here: Sheraton Hotel Orlando

Visit the E Tour & Travel website

Vacation Packages Orlando Timeshare

We do not know the pros and cons of this timeshare program, but it is recommended on the Orlando Tourist Information Bureau's website - so we would imagine it's not a shady operation!

This program offers free Disney World tickets (including multi-day tickets) and Universal Studios theme parks tickets.

Multi-day tickets are available at these hotels:-

  • Ramada Celebration Hotel, 6375  W. Irlo Bronson Hwy, Kissimmee.
  • Clarion Maingate, 7675 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy, Kissimmee
  • Comfort Suites Maingate Resorts, 7888 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy, Kissimmee
  • Calypso Cay Suites, 4951 Calypso Cay Way, Kissimmee

Vacation Packages Orlando website 

The 4 main Disney theme parks are:- 

There are also two great water parks at Disney World, Orlando.

Blizzard Beach Water Park and Typhoon Lagoon Orlando Water Park.

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